Terms of Proofing

proofed.tips does not proof personal records or blogs of betting. To be considered for proofing you should have an active service website with a membership. The service need not be run by professionals, but it should have a professional attitude towards its management.

proofed.tips will under no circumstances consider tipsters who claim their tips are “fixed”, that is to say based on “insider information”. Such tips are at best fake, and at worst damaging to the credibility of the sports that punters are betting on.

proofed.tips will need to receive all tips by e-mail in advance of start times, including the advised selection(s), odds, stake size, date and bookie. Advised odds should be fair, in the sense that your members should generally be able to take them at the advised price.

We do not publish your details or proofs on proofed.tips but cannot stop search engines from crawling your page. It is up to you whether and when to link to this site, but once linked your proofed tips will be shown in full.