How It Works

Here’s how it works in more depth:

  1. Businesses, charities, places of worship, public buildings and other locations where people gather publicly subscribe to a unique Location ID [LID] from this website.
  2. Along with an accompanying QR code, we provide you with a mobile number to which visitors may send a simple text message containing the LID. (Messages are charged at standard text rate, which is free on most plans). We also provide a template poster for you to download and fill in your LID. This can also be printed on to a 6″x4″ sticker.
  3. Your visitors receive an SmS reply to thank them for registering, and are asked to store the number to enable them to register for any future visits.
  4. Numbers are stored in our register for 21 days from the last registration. This reflects the incubation period for COVID-19 (which can be up to 14 days) and an additional 7 days to allow time for testing and tracing. They are then removed permanently unless the visitor registers at a LID again.
  5. If you are contacted by the NHS Test & Trace service requesting your registrations (tracing data), direct them to the link in the footer of this website. Please be aware that unauthorised LID’S are not recorded and as such no registration data exists.

The only scenario involving the disclosure of a individual’s mobile number would be in the case of a verified official request by the NHS Test & Trace service

To request a LID subscribe today and wave goodbye to asking people for their personal information  today

Stay Safe