How To Proof

Prepare (or copy) an email template in the format below:

  • Send To:
  • Send From: your registered email address – emails from other addresses will bounce
  • Subject Line: The NAME of your SERVICE followed by a colon:
    For instance Rocket Tips: )
  • Message: Enter the date followed by your tips in the usual format (with paragraphs) as you want the public to view them.

Important Notes:

  • Every time you proof a bet using the SERVICE (colon): in the subject line, it will be posted to your page. If you do not put the colon (:) after your SERVICE name, or you put the wrong name, your proof will not be posted.
  • Your tips will be posted publicly to your page automatically by our system 24 hours after your proof is emailed to us.
  • Proofs cannot be edited or deleted once sent to us